Generation Kill

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One Drink

  • “Stay Frosty”
  • “Screwby”
  • Lilley says “Brah”.
  • Someone is called a “Whiskey Tango”.
  • Random a capella.
  • moose-taches are being policed.
  • Nate is assured of something.
  • Rudy's sexuality is questioned.
  • Trombley expresses his desire to shoot things.
  • Brad tells Ray to shut up.
  • Brad and Nate eyefuck
  • Poke talks of the White Man.
  • someone says “unfuck”!
  • Captain America freaks out on the comms.
  • Doc Bryan badmouths CO’s that are within earshot.
  • Officer Nicknames (Captain America, Encino Man, etc.)

Two Drinks

  • Godfather refers to himself in the 3rd person.
  • Rudy gets shirtless.
  • Ray takes Ripped Fuel.
  • Rolling Stone’s GF-picture is mentioned.
  • A Marine packs a lip.
  • Charms

Chug The Rest

  • Firefight