Gilmore Girls

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Drink Once

  • Every time Kirk is in a scene
  • If Lorelai makes a dirty comment
  • When Harvard or Yale is mentioned
  • Whenever Paris is mean/bitchy
  • Whenever there is a reference you don't get (be honest folks)
  • Anytime someone is drinking coffee
  • Every time Lorelai and/or Rory eat at Luke's
  • Anytime Sooki gets hurt
  • Every time something is said that makes Jackson seem effeminate
  • At every Friday Night Dinner
  • Every time Rory acts like the mom and Lorelai acts like the kid
  • Whenever anyone mentions "The Independence Inn" or "The Dragonfly Inn"
  • Whenever you hear the "La La" music
  • Whenever you see the exterior of Chilton

Drink Twice

  • Whenever Babette's garden gnome, Pierpon, is seen or mentioned
  • For every town meeting
  • Every time Luke and Taylor argue
  • When Emily/Richard offer to pay for something
  • Every time Taylor says something that could be taken as a multiple entendre
  • Every time "Al's Pancake House" is mentioned
  • If Luke and/or Lorelai show interest in each other
  • Whenever Sookie argues with Jackson
  • Whenever Emily gives one of her signature looks.

Finish Your Glass

  • When Michel is nice
  • When Emily stands up for Lorelai's wishes/best interests