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Take a drink when:

  • Jump is mentioned or displayed
  • Yorozuya is mentioned
  • Shinsengumi is mentioned
  • there is someone excessive eating (for example mayonaise or sweets/sugar stuff)
  • Vice commander of Shinsengumi is attempted to be killed/whatever
  • someone is looking for a time machine
  • Every time the characters talk about the anime
  • Someone is called Madao
  • Otae hits a guy (2x times when it's her stalker)
  • Kyubei throws a guy away
  • Otose looks scary (all the time)
  • Ayame is being SM-like
  • Prince Hata is being baka
  • Sadaharu chews a head
  • Elisabeth shows a sign
  • Katsura says: "It's not Zura, it's Katsura!"
  • Okita fires his rocket launcher for no reason
  • Kondo is being a stalking gorilla
  • Sagaru is playing badminton

Take two drinks when:

  • Gintama picks his nose
  • somebody makes a funny face
  • Kagura hits someone
  • Kagura uses her umbrella
  • shinpachi is called four eyes
  • Neo Armstrong cyclone jet Armstrong cannon is shown
  • The shogun is being bullied

Take three drinks when:

  • episode 18, someone steps on a landmine
  • Kagura and Okita team up


  • When you see a justaway first, give away a drink