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Drink When

  • Will writes the lesson for the week on the chalk/dry erase board
  • Someone refers to Will as "Mr. Schu"
  • Sue attempts to take down the Glee Club
  • Rachel sings a solo
  • Rachel closes her eyes and turns her head to the side during a solo
  • Santana says something about Lima Heights
  • The Glee Club refers to Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals or Vocal Adrenaline
  • A group, other than New Directions, tries to kiss one of the Celebrity Judges' asses
  • Emma cleans something
  • Kurt sings a girl song
  • Blaine wears capris
  • Puck talks about/attempts hooking up with someone
  • A dramatic moment turns into a song that no one in the halls can hear
  • The Glee Club sings a song perfectly with no prior rehearsal
  • Coach Bieste eats a whole chicken
  • Sue insults Will's hair and/or "butt chin"
  • A secret affair is revealed
  • Principal Figgins pronounces something completely wrong
  • Mike Chang break dances
  • Jacob Ben Israel hits on Rachel
  • The Glee Club performs OUTSIDE the choir room
  • Choir room chairs are incorporated in a dance number
  • Will complains about The Glee Club being undermined by The Cheerios
  • Romantic moments go in Slow Mo
  • Anyone sings a mash-up
  • Sing-off of any kind [boys vs girls, minorities vs non minorities, Trebel Tones vs New Directions]
  • Quinn complains about her life/acts out [any time she is seen with pink hair]
  • Sue bullies anyone
  • Brittany talks
  • You hear the school bell
  • Kurt does the "shimmy" dance. [If it's a long dance number you can probably just wait til the end and finish your drink]
  • Sue refers to Kurt as 'porcelain'

Down Drink When

  • Anyone is slushied