Great British Bake Off

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One Finger

  • Everytime 'soggy bottom' is mentioned
  • Every 'good bake'
  • Every 'good crumb'
  • Every 'under baked' or 'over baked'
  • Every time Paul says 'a bake', with an additional 2 fingers if Mary follows with a tactful yet backhanded compliment
  • Every time the presenters eat something
  • Every time there is a close up of a contestant doing an odd facial expression

Two Fingers

  • Every intended double entendre or innuendo from Mel and Sue
  • For each individual disaster in a technical bake
  • Every montage with animals except squirrels
  • Every time Paul scrapes a bake with his knife

Three Fingers

  • Every unintended double entendre or innuendo from Mary, Paul or the contestants
  • Every time someone pleads or prays in front of an oven
  • Every time Mary gives a silent but clearly disapproving glance

Finish Your Drink

  • Every time you spot a knitted owl
  • Every time a contestant cries
  • If a squirrel is mentioned or shown
  • If someone drops a bake