Greys Anatomy

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Original Author Lacy Davis
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Rule 1 - You drink when they drink!

  • Take one drink whenever a character is shown drinking any type of beverage (including, but not limited to: coffee, hot tea, tequila, beer, wine, chocolate milk)
  • Take two drinks if a beverage is verbally referenced (i.e. Mocha Latte, tequila, microbrews, triple shot espresso, single malt scoItalic text'

Rule 2 - Visual Cues = Two Drinks

Take two drinks any time one of the following items appears on screen:

  • The Space Needle
  • Seattle Magazine
  • The MRI machine
  • Meredith's Dartmouth T-shirt
  • Cristina's Stanford Hoodie
  • Derek's steamboat surgical cap
  • Meredith's giant Bronco
  • Burke's glasses
  • Hello Kitty
  • Rain
  • Derek's Sidekick mobile phone.
  • The over-used Port of Seattle fly over shot of the orange gantry cranes on Harbor Island
  • The Catwalk (the big bridge in the main lobby of Seattle Grace)

Rule 3 - Audio Cues = One drink

Take one drink when a character is called by a nickname (i.e. McDreamy, The Nazi, 007, Dr. Model, Dr. Evil Spawn, Cricket, Shep...the only exclusion is Izzy).

Take one drink when you hear the following sound effects:

  • Pager Beeps
  • The Elevator *Bing*
  • George's Shoe Squeeks

Take one drink when you hear the following words or phrases in character dialogue:

  • Seriously!
  • Freaking
  • Rule(s)
  • Wrestle(r)
  • Move
  • Penis
  • Ovary(ies)
  • Suction
  • Rounds
  • Ferryboat(s)
  • Dude
  • Boyfriend
  • Roommate
  • Relationship
  • The Game
  • The Syph or Syphilis
  • Banana
  • Boobs
  • Code (Code anything, including 'Code Team' and 'call a code')
  • Anytime George's dialogue consists of silence and a dramatic blink
  • What are you doing? (And its variations: What are you doing here? What are we doing? What do you think you're doing?)
  • Page (chug your drink if it is said in a panicky voice, as in "Somebody page Dr. Shepherd right now!")
  • A room number is mentioned (e.g. twenty fourteen)

(Optional) Rule 4 - Actions = Chug

Chug your drink when:

  • There is a conversation in a bathroom.
  • Alex exercises.
  • Izzy bakes.
  • The interns take bets.
  • Cristina rides her motorcycle.
  • Meredith is in Derek's car.
  • The interns fight over patients.
  • The doctors have a nickname for a patient.

Rule 5 - Icing on the Cupcake

ONLY for those of you who could seriously drink Meredith under the table. Seriously.

  • Take one drink any time a character appears on screen partially nude.
  • Take two drinks any time two partially nude characters appear in a scene together.