Harry Potter

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Harry Potter Drinking Game

Use these rules for any of the Harry Potter movies.

You can also take additional shots with the "hardcore version"

Drink Once

  • Someone says "Harry Potter"
  • Someone says "wand"
  • Malfoy is pompous
  • Anyone says "Expelliarmus"
  • Hermione raises her hand in class or read a book
  • Ron says "bloody hell" or "blimey"
  • Ron has a bewildered or confused expression
  • Ridiculously noble statement or speech
  • Malfoy mentions his father
  • Ron eating or being hungry
  • Voldemort is mention
  • Someone says "Neither can live while the other survives."

Drink Once on Harcore Drinking game

  • Harry mentioned his dead parents
  • Harry's scar is seen or mentioned
  • Every time someone says that Harry has his mother's eyes
  • Luna wears something strange or dressed inappropriate for the occasion
  • Points are awarded or taken away
  • Someone says mudblood, halfblood or insults muggles in general
  • If Slytherin and Gryffondor have an altercation

Drink Twice

  • The Weasley twins talk at the same time
  • Someone speaks Parseltongue
  • Ron and Hermione have a 'moment'
  • Hermione breaks a rule
  • Harry catches the snitch
  • A horcrux is seen/spoken of
  • Harry's scar hurts

Drink Twice on Harcore Drinking game

  • Everytime Snape insults James Potter.
  • Hagrid says "I shouldn't have said that"
  • Everytime you see a Dark Mark

Finish Drink

  • Harry saves the day
  • Someone you know the name of dies (ex: Cedric, Quirrell)
  • Unforgivable curse is used (Cruciatus, Killing, Imperius)