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One Drink

  • Nathan says 'Parker'.
  • When the words 'trouble', 'troubles' or 'troubled' are said.
  • Duke makes fun of Nathan.
  • When The Colorado Kid is mentioned.
  • When any of Audrey's past lives are mentioned.
  • When a trouble kills someone in town.
  • When a trouble brings something to life.
  • When a trouble happens right in front of Audrey or Nathan.

Two Drinks

  • Vince and Dave have a scene all to themselves and we have no idea why.
  • When Agent Howard appears out of nowhere.
  • When Nathan starts ranting about how 'bad' or 'unreliable' Duke is.
  • When Duke is actually working at the Grey Gull.
  • Whenever anyone says 'The Rev'.

Finish Your Drink

  • When Nathan feels anything.
  • When Audrey kisses someone.
  • When Nathan kisses someone.
  • When Nathan kisses Audrey.