Hey arnold

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One Drink

  • anytime arnold is said
  • anytime eugene is mentioned or seen
  • anytime helga announces her love for arnold
  • anytime gerald is the word of wisdom
  • anytime grandpa tells a crazy story
  • anytime stinky is on scene
  • anytime football is said
  • anytime someone gets on a bus
  • anytime jazz music is mentioned
  • anytime arnold is bullied
  • anytime the bucher or post man is seen
  • anytime the pig is on screen
  • anytime arnold and gerld do that thumb thing
  • anytime an adult enters the episode (one drink per adult who talks)

Two Drinks

  • anytime hey arnold is said
  • anytime arnold has a dream sequence
  • anytime helga punches someone
  • anytime monkey man is mentioned or seen
  • anytime baseball is mentioned/seen
  • anytime arnold uses a remote to do something crazy
  • anytime helga asks help from pheobe
  • anytime the animal fun out of his house

Three Drinks

  • anytime gerald is asked to tell a story
  • flashback to childhood
  • anytime grandma helps arnold
  • anytime a new york accent is heard
  • anytime arnold wear clothes that anrnt his usual clothes
  • anytime football head is said affectionately

Chug Whole Drink

  • anytime chocolate boy is seen /mentioned
  • anytime arnold loses his hot or wets his hair