Hi Harry, I'm Harry, Tell Harry!

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Sit in a circle round a table and begin with one person saying to the person to their left "hi harry, i'm harry, tell harry".

Then the next person does the same to the person to their left and so on until... SOMEONE MAKES A MISTAKE!

When someone makes a mistake a dot is drawn on their face (preferably with lipstick or a fat marker, so as to be noticeable to drunk, bleary eyes), to signify that they are no longer 'harry', but now 'one dot'.

So now, the person who has become 'one dot' would say to the person to their left "hi harry, i'm ONE DOT, tell harry".

The person receiving this statement would then say "hi ONE DOT, i'm harry, tell harry" and the game would continue round the circle.

Assuming no one else fucks up, when the game returns to the person before the person who made a mistake before, they would say "hi ONE DOT, i'm harry, tell harry".

And so forth the game commences with each person gaining another dot each time they make a mistake and believe me, this happens rapidly and has been the inspiration behind many of the greatest nights i've ever had!

2 mistakes would make you two dot (and you would have two drawn on your face), 3 mistakes makes you three dot and so forth...

When you reach 5 dot you are OUT!

Although, before this happens everyone will be fucked up and have forgotten that there was even a game being played!

Love from Scotland and have fun dickheads! I'm drunk right now! Hahahahaha!!!!