Horse race

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This game is designed for at least 4 players (up to 8, see special rules at the end of the page). You just need a full tarot card game.

Set up

Remove the four horsemen from the game. Then put all the trumps in non decreasing order, next to each other. Add the joker as the last card of the row. Each player must choose which horseman he wants to be. Put them on the side of the table where the trump #1 is. Finally, shuffle the remaining cards.


The goal of the game is to advance your horseman to the end of the track, represented by the joker, while the beginning is the trump #1. To advance their horsemen from one trump to another, players must guess the suit of the next drawn card. To do so, the last player on the track chooses a suit, then the second last player chooses another suit, and so on so that the four suits are dispatched between the four players. Once it's done, just draw the first card of the deck, and the player who guessed correctly moves his horseman to the next trump. Game ends when a player reaches the joker.

Drinking rules

  • The first player to arrive to a trump dispatches this total number of sips between all the players (if it 6, then all the three other players could drink 2, or one could drink 6, even the player who decides can drink).
  • The last player to arrive to a trump has to drink this number of sips.
  • When a player reaches the end of the track, all 3 other players must drink the sum of all the trumps between them and the end. If you are on the trump #17, then you need to drink 18+19+20+21+22.

Rules for 5 to 8 players

You can make teams of 2 players to play this game. One player is the horse and drinks the sips, the other one is the horseman and guesses the suit of the cards. Players can switch their role during the game, only after having moved 3 steps since the last change.