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Simple version: one for me, one for you

Whenever house takes a pill take a drink for each pill he takes. Good luck counting!

Longer version

One Drink

  • If one of the doctors believes that the patient has lupus.
  • House plays with his cane or bouncy ball
  • House comes to a realization about a patient during an unrelated conversation and leaves abruptly

Two Drinks

  • One of the doctors believes the patient has sarcoidosis
  • One of the doctors believes the patient has scleroderma
  • A patient has to be intubated
  • One of the doctors believes the patient has neoplastic syndrome
  • House is watching General Hospital, or any reference to Luke and Laura.
  • House's initial diagnosis results in a patient getting worse.
  • Someone other than House writes on the board.
  • The episode's main patient dies.
  • House calls someone an idiot or moron
  • House make a comment about Cuddy's body
  • Any character gets punched in the face
  • A crash cart is needed

Three Drinks

  • House takes some tablets.
  • We see inside a body, CSI-style.
  • If the patient has a weird, sexual past that might result in a diagnoses - but doesn't.
  • Somebody else pays for House's food