How I Met Your Mother

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How I Met Your Mother


The Simple How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game

Rating: 8 - I swear she looked just like her (See Rating System for more Details)

Take A Drink Whenever

Someone says "Robin"

Someone says "Ted"

Someone says "Barney"

Someone says "Lilly"

Someone says "Marshall"

Whenever Barney is awesome

Code Word

"Suit up!" or "Legend--wait for it--dary"

Note, if 5 people or less, you can assign them to a person each. They are responsible for both the first and last name.

Main Game

Rule: Continuous moments of one rule equals only one of said rule. (i.e. 2 or more flashbacks without a return to the present is only 2 drinks)

One Drink

  • Anyone says "Awesome!"
  • Robin says "literally"
  • Barney says "legendary"
  • Barney uses a pickup line
  • Barney says "Suit up"
  • Barney says, "Classic"
  • Robin says "But um..."
  • Anyone high fives

Two Drinks

  • Anyone says "Have you met..." (Ted, Barney, Me, etc.)
  • Barney does magic
  • Barney makes someone do a high five or fist bump
  • Barney says "Ha, please."
  • Barney says "daddy's home"
  • Barney answers his phone and says "Go For Barney."
  • Marshall says "Lawyered!"
  • Ted does a voiceover
  • There is a flashback
  • Marshall sings about anything (except what he's doing)
  • Any acceptance of a challenge
  • Barney says "True Story"
  • Ted's kids are seen

Three Drinks

  • Barney says "...---wait for it---..."
  • Barney says "What up?"
  • Barney mentions his blog
  • Marshall sings about what he's doing
  • Ted corrects somebody
  • Robin mentions something Canadian
  • Barney calls himself Ted's best friend
  • Any time a cab/limo driver is called by name
  • Ranjit says "Hallooooo"... or any other time Ranjit makes a surprise appearance
  • Lily tells a secret

Finish Your Drink

  • Ted says "How I Met Your Mother"
  • Barney rips on Canada
  • Any time someone says "Slapsgiving" or a slap occurs
  • Telepathic Conversation
  • Robin produces a gun
  • Anyone makes a Star Wars reference
  • Marshall plays an instrument to accompany his singing
  • Appearance of "The Goat"

Alternate Game 2


  • Says "Awesome!"
  • Says "Have you met..." (Ted, Barney, Me, etc.)
  • There is a flashback


  • Meddles in someone else's life
  • Gives someone a disapproving look
  • Reveals a secret


  • Says "literally"
  • References Canada or anything Canadian


  • Does a voiceover
  • Says "mother"


  • Says "Suit Up!"
  • Does magic
  • Says "legendary" (this includes "Legen---wait for it---dary")
  • Makes someone do a high five
  • Says "daddy's home"
  • Appearance of the goat


  • Says "Lawyered!"

Alternate Game 3

Drink every time the name Ted is said. EVERY time. Notable difficult episode -> season 1 - drumroll please.

Alternate Game 4

For Season 4

One Drink

  • Obvious cover up of a pregnant belly

Two Drinks

  • Clever cover up of a belly (i.e Strategically placed lamp as person moves through set)

Three Drinks

  • Inadvertently see a pregnant belly

Finish Your Drink

  • Obviously see a pregnant belly
  • An obvious admission of being pregnant

Alternate Game 5

For Season 2 Episode 7

  • Drink for every mention, and every variation of, Swarly (i.e. Swarlos, Swarles Barkley)
  • Finish drink when multiple people say "Swarly" in unison

Alternate Game 6

season 6 episode 4

drink every time you see Maury Povich and every cut scene of Marshall running

Alternate Game 7

Season 4 Episode 13

Chug every time Ranjit says "To the town car!"

Alternate Game 8

Season 5 Episode 11

1 drink: when "Last Cigarette Ever" is said, Don/Arthur are being a douche, caving into smoking, making excuses for smoking, every time the kids say "What?", Robin mentions her show, making excuses for not watching Robin's show, mentioning quitting smoking, & every time there's a flashback

2 drinks:"Marshall's system" & Lily knowing he smoked when he walks in the room

Possible Addition

Any time the laugh track is used, drink.