Hunger Games

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This is the movie game. Be sure to check out the (better?!) Hunger Games card game.

One Drink

  • The romance between Peeta and Katniss is mentioned/referenced
  • Someone gets injured
  • Kiss
  • Three finger salute
  • Haymitch drinks
  • Katniss shoots an arrow
  • Someone is seen in a ridiculous outfit
  • There is a close-up of someone's face
  • Mockingjay pin
  • District 12 insult
  • Someone receives a parachute
  • Katniss gets indecisive between Gale and Peeta
  • The Gamemakers make an announcement in the arena

Two Drinks

  • The cannon signals a tribute's death
  • Bow shot that hits its target
  • Gale gazes longingly at Katniss
  • Someone on fire
  • Gamemakers show up
  • Haymitch vomits

Code Words

  • Girl on Fire
  • Odds

Pour one out

  • For Rue

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