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The Simple Hunger Games Drinking Game

Rating: 3-This was a game? (See Rating System for more details)

Note: This movie is not a very good drinking game. I recommend the card game below instead.

Take A Drink Whenever

The romance between Peeta and Katniss is mentioned/referenced

Someone incurs an injury

Haymitch is seen with a glass in his hand

Katniss shoots an arrow

Someone is seen in a ridiculous outfit

There is a close-up of someone's face

Someone says "Girl on Fire"

Code Words

Girl on Fire or Odds

Alternative Drinking Game 1

One Drink

  • May the odds ever be in your favor
  • Kiss
  • Three finger salute
  • Haymitch drinks
  • Mockingjay pin
  • District 12 insult
  • Someone receives a parachute
  • Katniss gets indecisive between Gale and Peeta
  • The Gamemakers make an announcement in the arena

Two Drinks

  • The cannon signals a tribute's death
  • Bow shot that hits its target
  • Gale gazes longingly at Katniss
  • Someone on fire
  • Gamemakes shows up
  • Haymitch vomits

Pour one out

  • For Rue

Hunger Games Card Game

What you need

  • A whole lot of alcohol and a deck of cards

The Objective

  • Be the last one standing.

Set Up

  • The game is played with 6 – 24 people. All must pair up.
  • Try to keep the team pairs to one boy and one girl. Label as a district.
  • Deal a red card and a black card to the pairs (District One gets a red ace and a black ace. Two gets a red two and a black two. Etc)
  • Put a whole bunch of alcohol in a central area (The cornucopia)
  • Have a game drink. (A solo cup of a drink of your choice so you don’t get thirsty)

The Game

Bring the group away from the cornucopia and set up a game of Kings by spreading the remaining cards in a circle (the arena). (The cards not used as district cards will be addressed later).

Each person goes through and flips over a card. If a district card is drawn, the person who flipped it, and the person with the matching card must battle.

Someone counts down from ten and releases them to cornucopia. They run over, and chug a beer or whatever drink provided. The loser is killed and out of the game. Example: Tommy is in district 1 and he pulls a red 4. The person in district 4 with the red card has to now race Tommy to the Cornucopia and finish his/her drink faster or else he/she dies.

NOTE: If it is early in a game and you pull a card that is not a district card, shuffle it back in to the pile.

If you pull any card from your district (person with red 4 draws the red 4), you may pick who you battle against or skip. If you get picked, your district partner may volunteer (take their place in the games), or offer a sacrifice (Example: I’ll give you my shirt instead). No one drinks if a sacrifice is made.

Whoever wins the battle may act as “GameMaker” and create a rule for one of the non district cards. The rule is to be respected for the rest of the games. Example: Tommy won the battle. Tommy’s rule is “If you pull a king, you must finish your drink in your hand.”

It is at your discretion to make pushing/shoving legal on the dash to the cornucopia.