It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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One Drink

  • If the title begins with either "The Gang" or a character's name
  • The theme song is played
  • If someone calls Dee old or unattractive
  • If someone talks about Dennis's bone structure
  • If Frank appears in an episode
  • If there's evidence of Charlie's severe learning disability
  • If we can see Mac's tattoos
  • If Mac is wearing a tight-fitting shirt
  • If Dee's back brace is mentioned
  • If Mac performs some sort of martial arts
  • If someone has an idea (extra drink if that idea involves getting rich)
  • If someone else steals that idea
  • If someone is wearing something to fit their new persona (i.e. track outfit->gangster, bling->pimp, etc.)
  • If an old high school nickname is mentioned
  • If Charlie hits on the waitress
  • If the waitress hits on Dennis
  • If the waitress rejects Charlie
  • If Dennis rejects the waitress
  • If Mac mentions how "ripped" or "hard" he is
  • If Frank mentions Vietnam or his "whore of a wife"
  • If Mac shows his conservative/religious side
  • If two or more characters team up for something
  • If Charlie gets so excited or anxious that he yells
  • If someone calls someone else an asshole
  • If Charlie doesn’t know the meaning of a word
  • For any "Charlie Work" reference (even just showing anyone doing Charlie work)
  • If someone says "Sweet D"

Two Drinks

  • If Frank pulls out his gun
  • If Dennis doesn't have a shirt on
  • For an appearance by a McPoyle
  • For an appearance by Carmen the tranny
  • For an appearance by Rickety Cricket
  • If Mac says that he is going to "wash his hands" of the situation
  • If Dee says "come on!" in her high-pitched voice
  • If any character does drugs
  • If a character is drunk, but not in the bar
  • If Dennis' penchant for young girls is mentioned
  • If a character gets laid

Take a Shot

  • If Charlie has a moment of genius (i.e. manipulating everyone to get back at Dennis, teaching himself to play the piano)
  • If Frank is wearing a wig
  • If Dennis and Dee's real father appears
  • If we ever find out for sure who Charlie's real father is
  • If the episode ends with one or more characters getting owned
  • Any reference to "Dayman" (including he song)