Jurassic Park

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Whenever any of the events below occur, take as many drinks as you are directed to take.

Take a drink every time...

Initiate the drinking at "shoot her... SHOOT HER!!!"

  • A living thing gets bitten.
  • You see Attenborough's amber walking stick
  • Water ripples.
  • Sam Jackson talks with a cigarette in his mouth.
  • Jeff Goldblum is sarcastic.
  • Newman is eating.
  • The lawyer trips on something.
  • Somebody screams.
  • "Spare no expense"
  • JP merchandise is shown.
  • A new scientific fact is presented.
  • Somebody shoots a gun or a taser.
  • Some kind of switch is thrown.
  • There is an aerial view in conjunction with dramatic music.
  • Children in mortal danger
  • Goldblum delivers a line like William Shatner (such as "you didn't earn the knowledge yourselves, so you don't take any responsibility... for it.")

Take two drinks every time...

  • A living thing gets eaten.
  • Someone makes up a dinosaur name in the form of ______saurus.
  • "Life will find a way"
  • The word "Velociraptor" is used instead of "Raptor."
  • You see a dinosaur's shadow or reflection.

Finish your drink when...

  • Anyone gets called a "clever girl"
  • "Hold on to your butts"
  • Blood sucking lawyer's eaten on the toilet

These are rules that I made up, and they're tentative, so add whatever you want.