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This game is best played with 5+ people, to keep the detective's job challenging. See the Mafia party game for new ideas. If you find a customization you love, add it below!


Create a deck of cards with all black cards except one red card, with as many cards as players. For example, if 10 people are playing, the deck should have 9 black cards and one red.

Players sit in a circle and deal from the deck. The player that gets the red card is the "killer", the other players are "detectives" (and soon "victims").

Detective Mode

Everyone alive (detectives and the killer!) discusses who the killer is. At any point, anyone can accuse anyone else of being the killer.

  • If wrong, the accuser chugs their drink and is done
  • If right, the killer takes one sip for each living detective

Killer Mode

Everyone closes their eyes. Then the killer opens theirs and double-taps one other player - that player is now a dead victim, and (once the killer closes their eyes like the others) reveals they're dead so everyone can then open their eyes. The victim drinks one sip for each other dead victim.


The game starts in detective mode, and switches between killer and detective modes. The game ends when either:

  • The killer is accused (killer takes a sip for each living detective)
  • Only one detective is left (killer wins, all detectives/victims take a sip for each dead victim)