Kitchen Nightmares

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One Drink

  • When the owner claims the food isn't the problem
  • When the owner says Gordon doesn't know how to cook their style of food
  • If anyone lies about the food being frozen
  • When Gordon tells the owner they are in denial, take another drink if the owner then denies being in denial
  • If Gordon spits out food
  • When Gordon calls a waitress Dear or any other pet name
  • When someone cries
  • When Gordon threatens to walk out
  • When the owner or head chef claims the food is worth 8 or 9 out of 10
  • Gordon complains about the cold room
  • A new head chef is appointed
  • Gordon puts his head in his hands
  • Gordon says "Come on!"

Two Drinks

  • If food is microwaved
  • If, after tasting the new menu, the owner says "I thought my food was good but this is unbelievable" or something similar
  • When Gordon hugs the owner
  • If the owner storms out on Gordon while he is trying to implement changes

Three Drinks

  • If Gordon stops service in the middle of the first dinner service
  • If anyone hits on Gordon
  • When Gordon talks to other customers during the first lunch service
  • If someone is fired
  • The Mayor comes try the restaurant

Finish Your Drink

  • If Gordon hates the risotto
  • If vermin are found in the restaurant
  • If Gordon vomits (or quickly excuses himself to the bathroom)

Extra Bet

After watching the episode, everyone has to share if they think the restaurant is still open or not. Look it up on Yelp, and if you guessed wrong, you have to finish your drink.