Lord of the rings

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The Rules:

There is no need to chug, guzzle, or drain your glass. Due to the length of the movie, just take the specified numbers of regular swallows. If you chug or guzzle, you'll be passed out on the floor before they ever make it out of the Shire.


  • Somebody smokes a pipe (1)
  • Dwarf/Elf insult or vice versa (1)
  • Any time you see an giant statue or an old statue in a ruins (1)
  • Moria mentioned (1)
  • We see "the sword that was broken" (2)
  • A character's lineage is given (e.g. Aragorn son of Arathorn) (2)
  • Gandalf does magic (2)
  • Any time a beheading occurs (2) (+ say, "In the end, there can be only one.")
  • Any time you can see an actor's fillings (3)
  • Painfully bad CGI (drink enough to kill the pain)

The Ring

  • Close up of the ring in Frodo's hand (1)
  • Somebody is tempted by the ring (1) (2, if the ringlust causes a physical change.)
  • Frodo offers someone the ring (1)
  • The ring is put on (2)
  • Close up of the ring on Sauron's hand (2)
  • Close up of the ring on Sauron's severed finger (2)
  • The ring is called "precious" (3)

The Bad Guys

  • Sauron mentioned (1)
  • We see the fiery eye of Sauron (1)
  • Mordor mentioned (1)
  • Fires of Mount Doom mentioned (1)
  • Ringwraith appearance (1) (per scene with a Ringwraith appearance, not per Ringwraith)
  • Saruman is in a scene (1)
  • Saruman's robes are impossibly white given that he's walking round a smoky forge or a muddy pit (1)
  • Close up on the yellow eyes of an Uruk-Hai (1)
  • An Uruk-Hai growls (1)
  • Gollum Appears (3)
  • Language of Mordor is spoken (3)

Aragorn and Boromir

  • Aragorn and Boromir both in the same scene looking incredibly hot (1)
  • Boromir mentions Gondor (1)
  • Aragorn kisses somebody (2)
  • Boromir says the word "sharp" (3) (+ say "Here's to the fighting 95th! First into the field and the last out of it!")


  • Elvish is spoken (1)
  • Any time you mentally add a "Mister Anderson" to anything said by Elrond (1)
  • Legolas hits something with an arrow (1)
  • Legolas looks prettier than anything with two X chromosomes (1)
  • Elvish writing is seen (2)
  • Elrond (that sanctimonious turd) makes a remark about the weakness or failings of humans (2)
  • An Elf glows (2)
  • The "fading" of the Elves is mentioned (3)
  • If an elfchick other than Arwin or Galadriel is seen (4) (No wonder the Elves are declining — they have no women.)


  • A Hobbit is seen eating or mentions food (1)
  • Sam calls Frodo "Mr. Frodo" (1)
  • Bilbo's book is mentioned (1)
  • A Hobbit mentions missing the Shire (2)
  • A Hobbit refers to humans as "big people" (2)
  • Pippin does something stupid (2)
  • Frodo's sword glows (2)
  • Hobbits other than Frodo attack (2)
  • Frodo actually uses his sword (instead of acting like a shrinking violet) (3)