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Drink when...


  • Someone says the word "hatch"
  • The opening shot is of someone's eye
  • There is a Flashback/Flashforward/Flashsideways scene
  • A character appears in a different character's flashback/flashforward/flashsideways
  • A shocking secret is revealed
  • Someone stares into the water
  • Someone dies
    • But doesn't really
  • A character not on the plane appears
  • An episode ends on a cliffhanger
  • Someone says "son of a bitch"
    • Drink twice if it isn't Sawyer
  • A sexual innuendo is made
  • The monster/polar bear appears or is heard
  • Someone mentions "the others"
  • A fight happens
    • Drink twice if it doesn't involve Jack or Sawyer
  • Any one of the lost numbers appears or are mentioned (4 8 15 16 23 42)
    • Drink for every number
  • Someone steps in a rope/net trap
  • LOST is at the end
  • LOST is at the beginning
  • Someone says the phrase "Mind if I ask you a question?"
  • Someone says "We have to go back".
  • There is a submarine or airplane
  • There is a musical montage
  • There is undeserved dramatic music
  • Someone stops mid-sentence, dramatically, and says something else... particularly Jack or Kate
  • Someone says, "Why are you telling me this?"
  • Anyone has a five o'clock shadow
  • Anyone is sweating or has a glow
  • Anyone is running
  • Anyone has gun
  • There is a close-up of Locke's eye-scar.
  • Sayid gets held as a hostage or holds someone else as a hostage
  • Carl comes into a scene
  • Someone gets punched and no blood is drawn
  • Someone is in a wheelchair
  • Someone eats/drinks Dharma issued food/drink
  • The flashes save anyone from almost dying
  • Someone spots something over the shoulder of the person they are talking to.
  • You hear a bad British accent
  • You hear a bad Australian accent
  • There is slow motion (slow mo)
  • There is any animal (shark, polar bear, spider, etc.)
  • The man in black shows up or is mentioned
  • Jacob shows up or is mentioned
  • Someone speaks latin
  • Egyptian sculpture or writings are shown
  • Widmore shows up or is mentioned
  • Someone claims "it's what The Island wants"
  • An anonymous character dies.
  • Mention of "the rules"
  • Someone mentions "lists" or "candidates"
  • The Sickness is mentioned/experienced
  • The Whispers are heard
  • Someone expresses/manifests/remembers “daddy issues”
  • The O6 names are mentioned
  • Someone mentions getting off the island
  • Someone refers to their purpose or why they're on the island
  • The crazy security system is seen or mentioned
  • Whenever super intense violin leads up to an abrupt commericial cut
  • Anyone says "I was looking for something," as an explanation.
  • Character(s) is/are dirty or covered in blood, and then suddenly clean/grime in very different pattern
  • Suddenly Jin seems to have a perm
  • A character says, "You may not believe this, but..."
    • Twice if the response is, "You're right, I don't believe it."


  • Patches someone up
  • Tries to rescue someone/plays the hero
  • Gets in a fight
    • Twice if it's with Sawyer
  • Bobs his head up and down while trying to be emotional
  • Yells when he doesn't need to
  • Leads a group
  • Every time you want to kick him in the balls
  • Has tears in his eyes
  • Is wearing a blue shirt
  • Takes the blame for something he didn't do


  • Gets in a fight
    • Twice if it's with Jack
  • Is asked for an item by another character
  • Smiles
  • Uses a nickname for someone
    • Twice if he uses their real name
  • Shows emotion...that isn't annoyance or pissed off
  • Is shirtless
  • Has sex
  • Mentions Juliet
  • Asks a character who they are.


  • Flirts with Jack
  • Flirts with NOT! Jack
  • Has tears in her eyes
  • Says "I'm going with you"
  • mentions Aaron
  • Gratuitous near-nudity
    • Twice if Sawyer walks in


  • Says something cryptic
  • Uses a knife
  • Says "Hello -insert name here-", with conviction
    • Drink twice if the name is not Jack
  • Says "Don't tell me what I can't do"
  • Falls from a great height
  • Gets something stuck in his leg
  • Smiles benignly
  • Mentions something about his past
  • Grabs a rifle


  • Fiddles around with something
  • Camera shows his long, girly fingernails
  • When he looks upon loose wires everywhere and says "I'll need a minute"
  • Whenever he tries to "triangulate" anything
  • When he injures/kills anyone with kung-fu moves (ie, everytime he is badass)
  • When he has a Nadia flashback
  • When he tortures anyone


  • Says something tactless/insulting


  • Uses herbs or roots to cure someone
  • Makes you cry
  • Says Michael like "Mich-kool"
  • Uses her very distinct t's at the end of a word
  • Says something along the lines of finding Jin


  • Acts possessive
  • Says a full sentence in English that he couldn't possibly know, even with Sun's help
  • Looks for Sun
  • Talks to him like he can understand English


  • Mentions/uses drugs
  • Mentions DriveShaft/sings
  • Uses British slang
  • Everytime he is jealous of John Locke
  • When you hear "You all everybody"


  • Holds her baby
  • Writes in her diary
  • Whenever she mentions "Chaalie" or "my baby"
  • says Aaron
  • is crazy


  • Says "Dude"
  • Mentions "Steve"
  • Is called "Hugo"
  • Has a flashback/flashforward of being in a mental hospital
  • Talks with dead person.
  • Runs or Falls


  • Calls for Vincent
  • Argues with Michael
  • Anytime someone mentions that he is special


  • Calls for Walt
  • Argues with Walt
  • Says any variation of "They took my son!" "They have my son!" or "Where's my son?"


  • Is referred to by anything other than her name
  • Says "others"
  • Talks about "Alex"
  • Stares wide-eyed at someone

Mr. Eko

  • Hits someone with his Jesus stick


  • Everytime he says "See you in another life"
  • Everytime he says "Brotha"
  • Everytime he mentions "Pen" or "Penny"
  • Everytime he says "You're gonna die, Charlie"
  • Everytime he gets that crazy look in his eyes


  • Whenever he says "You don't understand!"
  • Whenever he acts like a good guy
  • Is wide eyed
  • Whenever he mentions Alex
  • Whenever he says "I lied."


  • His age is revealed
  • Whenever he looks like he's wearing eyeliner
  • Whenever something is explained about his relationship to Jacob
  • He looks the same and we don't know why
    • Twice when we find out why


  • He punches the man in black in the face
  • When she says "I only planned one name"
  • Whenever you see the light
  • When you see him dead
    • Twice when he's weaving
    • Twice when the smoke monster is born
          • Whenever Jacob drinks, grab the funnel