Magic The Gathering

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  • Decide on a prize that everyone chips in for. (Bragging rights included.)
  • Everyone starts at 0 life, whenever a player takes damage that would put their life total below 0, instead of losing the game, they drink once for each damage. (You can gain life, effectively defending you from drinking that many times)
  • Drink once during your upkeep for every 2 poison counters on you.
  • Drink a full bottle whenever you run out of cards in you library, then reshuffle your graveyard into your library.
  • Even if all of your cards are exiled, you may still "play" as long as you like.
  • You may forfeit at any time.
  • You are eliminated if you vomit or pass out.

Quick Thoughts

  • Having pre-made and easy to use decks would allow non-magic players to join in on the drunkenness.
  • Playing with Unglued and Unhinged cards fits perfectly. (though some of the stupider, more complex cards might confuse drunk everyone)
  • EDH would not necessarily be longer than any other type, because your "life total" (or resistance to alcohol) is the same regardless.