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Players: 1 to 4

Games: Any type of Mario Kart game for the Nintendo system.

Rules: Each racer picks their player. If there are only 1 to 2 players, Grand Prix is played, 2 to 4 then Vs mode is played. At the end of each lap, the first player to cross the finish line pauses the game. Whichever position you are in at the pause of the game, that is how many sips/seconds/shots are taken. For example, 6th place is 6 sips/seconds/shots.

The player who pauses it gives a gentlemen countdown when players finish their drinks and the game continues pausing after each lap until the end of the race. If the player prematurely pauses the game, then he/she is penalized with 4 extra sips/seconds/shots.

If the first player forgets to pause the game on a lap (except the final lap) and the second player crossing the finish line remembers and pauses the game. Those two players will switch positions. For example Player 1 is in 2nd, Player 2 is in 5th. Player 1 takes 5 and Player 2 takes 2. If there are 3 or more players then everyone moves up a position and the first player goes to last place.

The game ends when both players can not place in the top four (Grand Prix) to advance the game to the next race track.

Drink, and Don't Drive

Each player participating must drink an entire beer before crossing the finish line, or they are disqualified. You cannot touch the controller while drinking, however. Strategies vary, but fun is had by all.