Mean Girls

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One Drink

  • "Girl World" is mentioned
  • Someone mispronounces Cady's name
  • Regina does something bitchy
  • Someone says "Plastics"
  • Cady does a voiceover
  • An entry from the Burn Book is read aloud
  • Someone talks about Regina
  • Damian says or does something flamboyant
  • Aaron Samuels appears

Two Drinks

  • Someone says "Africa"
  • A language other than English is spoken
  • Someone calls Karen stupid (including herself)
  • Gretchen reveals a secret
  • Someone says "Fetch"
  • There is a three-way call

Three Drinks

  • An item on Janis' blackboard is crossed off

Finish Your Drink

  • Someone is hit by a bus
  • "You can't sit with us!"