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Normal Play

  • Drink when you land on someone's property, three times if they own all colors
  • Drink when you roll doubles
  • Drink when you land on GO
  • Drink twice when you go to Jail
  • Drink if you're in jail and someone lands on just visiting
  • Everyone drinks (except roller) when a house is bought, twice if it's a hotel
  • Drink if you mortgage property
  • Drink when you land on TAX
  • Everyone drinks (except roller) if you land on free parking
  • Finish drink when you go bankrupt
  • When you land on Water works or Electric Co. drink for the amount you roll

Chance & Community Chest

  • If you have to pay you have to drink
  • If you have to pay each player $50 you drink once for each player
  • If they pay you $50 they must drink
  • If you get sent to a railroad drink for the amount of rails roads owned by player