My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Rating: Infinity - Wasted (See Rating System for more details)

One Drink

  • Spike appears
  • Derpy appears
  • Someone calls one of the 6 by name
  • Someone says "Friendship"
  • Someone says "Friend"
  • Someone says "Everypony"

Code Words

  • For Equestria!

Alternate Game 1

One Drink

  • A pony holds something with hooves
  • "Ayup"
  • Derpy in the background
  • Slapstick
  • Pinkie breaks the fourth wall
  • Pinkie uses a cartoon trope
  • Pinkie has an improbable prop
  • The scene is a popular reaction image
  • Fluttershy quails
  • Dash is full of herself
  • Applejack uses a southern idiom or expression
  • Twilight refers to a book
  • Ship tease
  • Twilight is frustrated by a friend
  • Stock sound effect
  • Someone says "anypony" or "everypony"
  • Rarity is disgusted
  • Angel is a jerk
  • Reference to Equestria's manufactured weather

Two Drinks

  • Pinkie Pie party
  • Letter to Celestia
  • Debut of a new outfit
  • Fluttershy acts brave
  • Someone says "Great and Powerful Trixie"
  • Applejack grabs Rainbow Dash's tail
  • Character hums the theme song

Three Drinks

  • Song (finish the drink if it runs to a minute)
  • Celestia's Batman Gambit revealed
  • Ridiculous magic display
  • A lesson is learned