NBA Basketball

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One Drink

  • The announcer compares
    • Lebron to a freight train,
    • Blake Griffin to a freak/monster/etc.
    • any white player to a "hard worker"
  • If a player flops and gets a foul call
  • If a player blatantly travels but the refs ignore it
  • Van Gundy talks about something irrelevant for more than 20 seconds
  • "Hand down, man down"
  • "Mama, there goes that man"
  • Charles Barkley's weight is mentioned
  • Shaq mumbles something you couldn't understand
  • E.J. gets pissed off

Two Drinks

  • The announcer describes a dunk the same way he'd describe a BJ (with the facial! right in his mouth!)
  • An announcer gets proven wrong within 5 seconds (eg. "LeBron is really struggling tonight"... LeBron dunks)
  • Someone is crossed over so bad they stumble or fall down
  • Someone dunks on someone else who is at least 4 inches taller than them
  • an MVP chant is heard


  • MVP chant is heard in opposing arena
  • Buzzer beater to force OT/win
  • Flagrant 2 or fight breaks out