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One Drink

  • Jethro head slaps minions
  • Ducky gets lost or is late getting to a crime scene
  • DiNozzzo mentions a movie plot
  • Ziva screws up an English idiom
  • Abby gets a Caf-Pow
  • Mass-Spec beeps with Gibbs in the lab
  • Team takes a picture not related to the crime scene
  • McGee looks perplexed/angry
  • Ziva explains how to kill somebody (or does kill somebody)
  • Palmer and Michelle Lee get it on
  • Ziva mentions Moussad
  • Ducky talks to a corpse
  • Jethro or Ziva drives car
  • McGee mentions that he went to MIT
  • Bad guys in sunglasses
  • Someone says "Boss"
  • Anyone calls McGee Probie
  • Gibbs makes the "aw shit!" face. Then it freezes to black and white and goes to commercial.
  • The suspect/criminal walks in with an agent wearing handcuffs gives surrounding agents a smart ass face.
  • Anyone gets a text and reads it on the job. (two shots if it's from someone that is secretly texting them)

Two Drinks

  • Team member head slaps each other
  • Vance has toothpick in mouth
  • Jethro drinks bourbon from coffee cup
  • Jethro gives a compliment
  • Jethro says "Gear Up" or "Gas Up the Truck"
  • Tony drives car
  • Kate mentions Secret Service
  • Elevator meeting
  • Team member explains technological gadget to Jethro
  • Any time Abby says Chip
  • Ducky's mother is mentioned
  • Anyone calls Ziva Probie

Three Drinks

  • See the outside of the NCIS Building (opening credits count)
  • Flashback to Paris
  • See name on Jethro's boat
  • Mention Jethro's ex-wifes (or number of times married)
  • DiNozzzo brushes his teeth at desk (or crime scene or other)
  • Spot the redhead who picks up Jethro
  • McGee or Kate drives car

Chug the Whole Bottle

  • Boat gets out of the basement