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It's a good thing the Olympics only happen every four years because it'll take four years just to get over this hangover! Now c'mon folks, hit the edit button and add your rules!

All Sports

  • Token shot of the host city
  • Country you've never heard of
  • Celebrity in the stands
  • World record set
  • Every time a Chinese coach looks angry
  • Every time a Japanese pays for an inquiry
  • Every time a country brings less athletes to the Olympic games than America
  • Every time an athlete has an inspirational background
  • Every time they talk about an Olympian's athletic record
  • Every time they talk about a past Olympic performance
  • Every time they compare the opening ceremony to Beijing 2008
  • Every time you hear Morgan Freeman
  • Every time they give a team a nickname


  • Every time USA wins a basketball game


  • Every time a male gymnast can't put his arms down for muscles
  • Every time someone steps out of bounds on floor.


  • Every time the US women's rowing team is a boat length ahead of everyone else


  • Every time Ryan Lochte is a douche bag
  • Every time a swimmer is compared to Michael Phelps
  • Every time you mistake a female swimmer for a man
  • Every time a swimmers body looks like sex


  • Camera zoom on player's ass - unless you can name the player!
  • Wedgie pluck
  • Ace serve

Water Polo

  • Ejection
  • Goal (2 drinks for a skip shot)
  • Underwater camera shot
  • Inappropriate suit adjustment for public


  • Chug the 100 meter dash
  • Every time Usain Bolt acts like a punk
  • Every time someone crashes in a relay.