Once Upon A Time

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Drink Once When

  • A new character is introduced
  • Switch or flashback from Storybrooke to the Enchanted Forest (or Wonderland, Neverland, etc.)
  • Mary Margaret and David are obviously frustrated
  • A magical key is used
  • Someone's in jail or in the hospital
  • There's a failed attempt to leave Storybrooke
  • Fairy or Evil Witch cleavage
  • When you see an apple, or something with apples in it
  • When you learn that someone is related to Henry
  • Magical smoke
  • The Dark One's dagger makes an appearance
  • Someone says that Rumpelstilskin is a coward.
  • Rumpelstilskin calls someone "Dearie"
  • Someone mentions True Love
  • Emma doesn't understand what's going on
  • An obvious Disney reference is made

Drink Twice When

  • Someone says "Magic come with a price"
    • Three shots if it's Rumplestiltskin
  • True Love's kiss
  • Someone loses his/her memories.
  • Regina fails to kill Snow
  • Someone says "he's MY son"
  • Someone dies
  • Snow cries