One Direction SHOT Me Out Of The Sky

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So this is a shot game. It's the most fun with whiskey! To do this you need people, drinks, and YouTube. You go through and watch One Direction videos. They can be interviews, performances, music videos, slideshows, anything. This is something for people well versed in Directioner knowelege.

One Shot

  • Louis does a pelvic thrust
  • Niall mentions food or someone mentions it to him
  • Zayn makes an odd face
  • Liam does the 1,2,3 FLICK! (2 shots if you giggle)
  • Harry Makes a dirty comment (everyone drinks twice if someone blushes)
  • Inbetweeners dance happens
  • Someone raps
  • Fresh Prince is mentioned (Two shots if the song is rapped)
  • Someone is shirtless

Two shots

  • Kevin is seen or mentioned
  • There are 6 r's
  • There is a bromance moment (Larry, Zouis, Niam, any of them!)
  • Louis is sassy (Everyone does three if someone misses it)
  • Liam has a Daddy Direction moment
  • Paul is seen or mentioned
  • Niall laughs