One Tree Hill

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1 Drink

  • Skills says "dawg"
  • Nathan or Lucas score on screen
  • Dan shows up unwanted
  • Peyton is drawing
  • Mouth is called Marvin
  • A famous quote is quoted
  • Whitey mentions Camilla
  • Haley is called tutor ___
  • Quinn has a camera
  • Clay remembers Sarah
  • Rachel Is a Bitch
  • People are drinking on screen
  • Deb does drugs
  • Pet name is used (P.Sawyer, B.Davis, Naley, etc) (Nate, Hales, Mouth and Luke don't count)
  • Vicotoria is a bitch to anyone
  • Keith is mentioned

2 Drinks

  • "I love you"
  • Someone physically fights/slaps/punches
  • Someone cries that's not Brooke
  • Brooke Insults
  • Nathan's past is brought up in convo w/ no flashback
  • Haley yells at someone that's not Nathan
  • A flashback happens

3 Drinks

  • A full name is used
  • Haley yells at Nathan
  • Chris Keller used 3rd person
  • Peyton mentions her adopted mom
  • Someone says "I'm pregnant"
  • Lucas or Nathan lies
  • Someone cheats
  • Brooke cries
  • A new pair of people hook up

Finish What's Left of your Drink

  • Someone hospitalized
  • Someone dies
  • Someone leaves tree hill
  • Someone is drunk