Parks and Rec

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One Drink

  • Somebody falls into the pit
  • Leslie mentions Joe Biden
  • Andy is Burt Maclin
  • Tom's debt is mentioned
  • Donna is defensive about her Mercedes
  • Ron's wealth is mentioned
  • Chris says literally
  • When Andy is shinning a shoe
  • Lil Sebastian is on screen
  • Andy is playing his guitar
  • Bens time as mayor is mentioned
  • Ben mentions calzones
  • Ron talks about his love for meat
  • Leslie is eating waffles
  • Leslie talks about Bens butt
  • Eagleton is mentioned in a negative context
  • Jerry makes a mistake

Two Drinks

  • Somebody says "You just got jammed!"
  • Leslie gets too drunk
  • Somebody says "treat yourself"
  • Ron mentions any Tammy
  • The offensive murals are shown
  • Jean-Ralphio sings
  • Councilman Howser and Leslie share an awkward moment

Three Drinks

  • Ron has a heartfelt moment
  • Tom's business opens/fails
  • Ben accepts/quits his accounting job
  • Duke Silver plays
  • April smiles
  • Jerrys name changes