Party Down

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Drink when you see

  • Casey either talking or texting on her phone
  • Kyle talking about his band
  • Henry getting jealous of someone Casey’s talking to
  • Roman hitting Kyle
  • The Soup 'R Crackers franchise being referenced
  • Someone shouting, "ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?" (take a double-shot if Henry’s the one doing this)
  • Ron referencing "the new Ron"
  • Constance talking about hanging out with an actor
  • Leonard Stiltskin levying a threat toward someone (take a double-shot if he uses the word "dick")
  • Roman referencing "hard sci-fi"
  • Lydia talking about Escapade's burgeoning acting career
  • Uda berating someone (take a double-shot if she’s actually being nice)
  • Someone gets Ron’s name wrong
  • Kyle combing or running his fingers through his hair
  • A sex organ being exposed (take a triple-shot if it's Ron's penis)
  • Someone directly referencing the size of Ron's penis