Pitch Perfect

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Option 1

One Drink

  • "aca" is used in front of a word
  • Jesse hits on Beca
  • Beca is called Becky
  • Someone goes against the original set
  • Benji performs magic
  • The Treblemakers win
  • There is a reference that Cynthia Rose is a lesbian
  • Stacie talks about having sex
  • The announcers appear

One Shot

  • Fat Amy runs vertically
  • Aubrey projectile vomits
  • You see Bender thrust his fist in the air at the end of The Breakfast Club

Option 2

One Drink

  • Aca anything
  • Music Puns
  • Nodes
  • Kimmy Gyn Death Glare
  • Boob Touches (one per breast; double down for naked boobs)
  • Innuendo (double Down for lesbians)
  • Aubrey shuts someone down
  • Magic Tricks
  • Becca is called Becky
  • Lily Mumbles (double down for creepy)
  • Stacy mentions or alludes to sex
  • Bumper does "Bumper things" (is a douche or dork)
  • Someone on screen drinks
  • Some one says Fat Amy
  • Announcers are sexist or dig on one another


  • Flying Mexican Food
  • You sing along
  • Bellas "Ahhhh~"
  • Projectile Vomit
  • "Jiggle Juice"
  • Vertical running Fat Amy


  • Bellas sing "I Saw the Sign"
  • Training Montage