Pretty Little Liars

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Drink Once

  • Spencer gets that constipated look
  • Spencer and Melissa fight or one up each other
  • Aria and Ezra almost get caught
  • Mona says something bitchy
  • The theme song plays
  • All the girls wear a dress
  • Melissa is being bitchy

Drink Twice

  • A's note says bitches
  • They are sitting in a classroom
  • Emily kisses a girl
  • Hanna is shown in a fat suit
  • Aria has pink streaks in her hair
  • Mona is a dork in the flashback
  • Someone mentions Spencer's mom is a lawyer

Drain It

  • Alison is in the episode
  • They read A's message together; Refill and drink again if it says bitches
  • Any character dies
  • Someone cries about something
  • Any of the girls wear normal clothes and not “couture”
  • They mention The Jenna Thing