Regular Show

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Take a drink:

  • Whenever Mordecai and Rigby say a phrase in unison.
  • Once for every "OOHHHHHHHHHH"
  • Whenever anyone says "YEEEEEAAYUH".
  • Whenever Punchies happen (Episode Four is either a really good idea, or a really bad one).
  • Whenever Benson says "you're fired".
  • Whenever Pops laughs.
  • Whenever you learn something new about Skips.
  • Whenever Mordecai and Rigby exchange Hmmphs'.
  • Whenever someone is called a loser.
  • Real song from the 80's plays.
  • Whenever Muscle Man says "You know who else "insert witty remark".... MY MOM!"
  • Whenever Rigby yells "STOP TALKING!!!".
  • Whenever Skips says "YOU FOOLS".
  • Whenever Muscle Man takes off his shirt.