Ring of fire

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To play Ring of Fire, all you need is a deck of cards and your imagination, any amount of people can play Ring of Fire. The game can be incredibly fun and the amount of drinking varies from game to game.

Starting Out

Firstly, you shuffle the cards and then spread them out in a ring on the table. The players must then decided which cards do what, as the aim of the game is for the players to take turns in picking up a card and then doing something according to the type of card you picked up.

The Game

Here is an example of a ruling of cards:

A - Everyone drinks 2 fingers

2 - The player drinks 2 fingers

3 - The player drinks 3 fingers

4 - The player drinks 4 fingers

5 - The player must finish their drink

6 - The player must sing a song

7 - The player must kiss the person to their right

8 - The players must change places one to the left, names must be kept to each seat. Any mistake in names requires a 1 finger forfeit

9 - The players must switch drinks one to the right

10 - The player must make up a rule which remains constant throughout the game e.g. Everyone is called Bruce

J - Every male drinks 2 fingers

Q - Every female drinks 2 fingers

K - The player must pick a rule to be attached to every other King in the Rin

Remember that this is just an example, and you can make your own rules to suit yourselves.

Also, any gap in the ring means the player who caused the gap must finish their drink!

Have fun!


A - Waterfall: everyone starts drinking and can only stop when the person to their left has stopped. The first person to stop is the one that picks the card

2 through 5 - If black order someone to drink [the cards number] fingers, if red the player who picked the card drinks

6 - Forbidden word: the player picks a word and every time someone says it, they have to drink

7 - Buzz: The player that picked the card starts on 1 and to the left the counting continues. When a number is a multiple of 7 or ends in 7, the player who should say it must say buzz. When a buzz is said, reverse the order of counting. It ends when someone makes a mistake.

8 - Mandatory Word: The player picks a word and that word must be said in the begging of every sentence. Players who don't start speaking with that word have to drink. (this can be overruled if another 8 or a 6 is picked up)

9 - Accent/Language: The player chooses an accent or language and from then on (or until another 9 appears) all players must speak with that accent/language or else drink

10 - Buffalo Bill: This is played by everyone, the player who picks the card starts by saying 'buffalo bill' and the player on the left continues. If a player says 'buffalo bill', the game continues to the left, if they say 'yeeehaaaa' (like a cowboy) the order reverses. This must all be done without showing any teeth. A player that shows is teeth or makes a mistake must drink. The game ends when someone makes a mistake.

J - Supermaket: The player says 'I went to the supermarket and I got...' and then comes up with something they got. The player to the left then must say what they said and add something. This continues until someone makes a mistake. The last one has to drink

Q - Imitation: The player comes up with a gesture. They can then repeat this gesture once at any time of game. The last player to imitate the gesture drinks.

K - I never: (I think everyone knows this game, but still) The player says something they have never done. Everyone that has done the thing, drinks.