Roleplay Profile Drinking Game

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The Roleplay Profile Drinking Game

We made this specifically for YiffChat, but it will work for any furry chat, roleplaying forum, regular forum (profile or signature), et cetera.

What You Will Need

  • Several bottles of hard liquor; vodka, rum, rye, scotch, whiskey, or mixed shots (i.e. sourpuss or jagerbombs)
  • Access to furry profiles on YiffChat (you'll have to create an account), or other sources of hilarity mentioned above
  • A shot glass (cheat and use a smaller one; otherwise you'll win the game too soon)
  • A lot of spare time
  • An emergency number to call in the event of alcohol poisoning

How To Play:

Peruse the chat/forum of your choice; look at each profile/forum signature of the patrons (in the chat, you can do this alphabetically and then check the profiles of each person logging on). Every time you see something in the profile that's on the Rules list below, take the according number of shots. When you're drunk to the point that the profile pic of that lesbian anthro fox/wolf/cat/angel/bat/demon actually looks hit-able, you win the game!

The Rules

One Shot

  • If they list a "mate" (not boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other. "Mate")
  • If they are someone's "pet"
  • If they are someone's "master"
  • If they have more than one master/pet
  • If they have an Inuki/Gideon/Winger/Sexyfur picture or avatar in their profile
  • If their profile has "don't whisper/message me" anywhere in it.
  • If their character is a cub (child)
  • If their character is a cross-dresser
  • If their character is a neko (catgirl/boy)
  • If they use anime pictures in their profile/avatar
  • If their background image is hard to read on/is animated/is obnoxious/doesn't tile properly
  • If they have any kind of quiz result (Quizilla, etc.)
  • If their profile is spelled very poorly
  • If their profile is spelled in "l33t sp33k"
  • If their character has a "bad past"
  • If they were kicked out of their pack/tribe/family
  • If their parents were killed
  • If their mate was killed
  • If they list armour/weapons/stats
  • If they have magic abilities
  • If they're a human
  • If they're a taur
  • If their profile contains any rants about moderators/oppression/"real mateship"/posers
  • If they have photos of "themselves" in their profiles
  • If their character is a hybrid of 2 or more species
  • If their character has angel or demon characteristics (i.e. wings)
  • If their character is a mythical animal (unicorn, dragon, gryphon, etc): 1 shot.
  • If their character is a lesbian, and explicitly says "no boys!" in their profile
  • If their profile has "how dare you ask"/"I'm not telling"/"*slaps!*" or any other variant under a "Weight:" field
  • If their username has a species/animal name in it
  • If their profile says things like "Please do not greet me with 'lol would you like to yiff?' or 'let's do it baby'" in it
  • If their user/screename is completely different from their actual character's name
  • If their profile says they're mated, but they still fuck around: Get in on that action, man, and take 1 shot.
  • If their character is from a cartoon/TV show prior to 1998 (not Pokemon or Digimon) with normal atributes

Two Shots

  • If they are both someone's master and someone's pet
  • If they list a "family" (mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, etc.)
  • If their character is a cub/child who wears diapers
  • If their profile has annoying background music
  • If it's very poorly spelled l33t sp33k
  • If they have song lyrics posted
  • If they roleplay a digimon/pokemon/Sonic character
  • If their character has the ability to transform
  • If they have a looooooong multi-paragraph narrative about their character's past or appearance
  • If they have a quotes section: Read through and see if you laugh. Then drink 2 shots.

Three or more shots

  • If they were transformed from one species/gender to another with some weird experiment or "by magic" : take 3 shots.
  • If their character is from a cartoon/TV show prior to 1998 (not Pokemon or Digimon) and that character is now a HERM: take 3 shots.
  • If they're a digimon/pokemon/Sonic hermaphrodite with magical abilities, several mates/pets/masters/family members who's parents/mates were killed when their tribes warred against each other: 4 shots.
  • If their character is a horse or a dragon with a small penis: 5 shots.
  • If they are under-endowed (breasts or penis): 6 shots.

Multiple shots

  • If they have more than one "mate" listed : take 1 shot for each mate.
  • If they have alternate forms listed: 1/2 shot for each form.
  • If their username has any numbers in it: Take the number of shots that the first number in their name is. (ex: sexyfurrygurl436)
  • If their username contains multiple species/animal names (ex: Draconian Drake Dragon): Take a shot for each name.
  • If their profile has scat, watersports, bondage, or domination listed under "kinks": 1 shot for each kink you find.