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Drink One

  • Someone wears flannel
  • Jackie comes over
  • Dan gets uncomfortable with women talk
  • Someone gets sent to their room
  • Becky and Darleen fight
  • A bathroom scene
  • Someone complains about Lanford
  • Dan and Rosie talk about money or bill problems
  • A Lanford Lunchbox scene
  • Reference to Jackie’s love life
  • Someone cracks a beer
  • When a boyfriend comes over
  • Roseanne wears an apron
  • Obnoxious sweaters
  • If you see the afghan blanket on the couch
  • A reference to Jackie’s old jobs (cop, Trucker, etc)
  • Roseanne laughs
  • Roseanne is sarcastic

Two Drinks

  • Bar fight!
  • Two-part episode
  • New Becky in episode
  • Roseanne and Jackie complain about their mom Someone lies to D.J.
  • When you find out someone is gay
  • Dan and Rosie make a bet
  • Roseanne actually has her hair styled
  • Canadian tuxedo!
  • People are playing poker in the kitchen
  • Darlene gets caught

Three Drinks

  • Someone looses his or her virginity
  • Dan working on a bike
  • Dan gets a new job
  • Dan and Rosie have sex!
  • D.J. whacks off
  • Tom Arnold appears on the show
  • Dan has a talk with the kinds in the garage

Pound It

  • Someone goes to jail/arrested
  • Someone gets married
  • Someone dies
  • Someone has a baby
  • Becky runs away
  • Someone gets their period!