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Take a gulp every time...

  • a football is shown
  • Rudy is shown wearing his IRISH jacket
  • someone says "Rudy"
  • "You're five foot nothing, weigh 100 nothing"
  • Rudy is told he's full of crap
  • you see the number 45
  • Rudy or someone else recognizes he’s stupid
  • you recognize Rudy is stupid
  • the word "dream"
  • the word "Irish"
  • the word "run"
  • the word "go"
  • someone claps
  • you see a priest
  • Rudy is pushed on the ground

Take two gulps every time...

  • the ND fight song plays
  • the Rudy theme plays
  • you see a leprechaun
  • Rudy looks a foot shorter than anyone on screen

Finish it off every time...

  • " whole life"
  • Rudy is told he just can't do it
  • Rudy sacks Rudy Allen, Georgia Tech's QB