Sabrina The Teenage Witch

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Take a Drink whenever any of the following happen;


  • Goes "whoohoo!"
  • Messes up a Spell


  • Is a real cat (not a robot)
  • Cry's for help

Aunt Zelda

  • Uses "The Laptop" or does anything to do with science
  • Tells Sabrina not to do something

Aunt Hilda

  • Argues with Zelda
  • Plays the Violin

Mr. Kraft

  • Thinks he is hallucinating
  • Gives someone detention


  • Talks about sports
  • Has a spell cast on him (this includes potions)

Quiz Master

  • Appears
  • Is wearing a costume


  • Says "Freak"
  • Flirts with Harvey


  • Some comes in or out of the linen closet
  • Mail comes through the toaster
  • Anytime they are at The Slicery