Saved By The Bell

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One Drink

  • Zack talks to camera
  • Slater calls Jessie "momma"
  • Belding fooled
  • Teacher is fooled
  • Screech in locker

Two Drinks

  • Any of the kids sing
  • The girls cheer
  • Zack sent to Belding's office
  • We see one of the kids on the job
  • Zack uses cellular phone
  • Slater wrestles
  • Audience goes "Wooooo"
  • Slater calls Zack "preppie"
  • Commercial break
  • Anytime in lockerroom
  • Belding reminisces
  • Nerd or Jock gets line
  • Students buy something Zack is selling
  • Lisa mentions shopping
  • Lisa bitches at Screech
  • Somebody actually ingests food at the Max
  • Jessie calls Slater "poppa"
  • Jessie calls Slater sexist

Three Drinks

  • Zack stops time
  • Zack Attack plays
  • Zack's plans fail
  • Character has fantasy
  • We see any parents
  • Kelly wears skirt below knees

Four Drinks

  • Open locker w/out combination
  • Belding flashback

Five Drinks

  • Any slapping
  • To be continued..."
  • Tori episode
  • Cineplex music
  • We see Kevin the robot
  • Belding says "Hey, hey, hey - what is going on here?!?"

Finish the glass

  • Screech dresses as a woman