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One sip

  • When a telephone rings.
  • Every time someone gets killed.
  • Every time someone screams.
  • Everytime Ghostface gets hit.
  • Everytime Ghostface wipes his knife clean.
  • Whenever Sidney's mother (Maureen Prescott) is mentioned.
  • For every beer Tatum throws at Ghostface.
  • Whenever someone hits Stu.
  • Everytime Stu cries like a little girl.
  • Whenever anything is thrown at Randy.
  • For everytime Dewey says or does anything stupid.
  • Whenever anyone insults Dewey.
  • Each time Gale insults Kenny.
  • For everytime someone insults/attacks Gale.
  • For each pop culture reference made.

Two sips

  • Whenever someone gets stabbed.
  • Everytime Billy pauses for thought, looking like Johnny Depp.
  • Everytime Kenny (the Cameraman) is eating.
  • When someone breaks the "rules".
  • For each "fake scare" (ie. Billy in the window).
  • If any character refers a horror movie by name.
  • When Sidney uses her computer.
  • Stu leaves a room backwards.

Three sips

  • Whenever you see Ghostface in town, and no-one else notices.
  • If you notice the extra in the video store who gets pissed off at Randy.
  • If the phone rings, and it's not Ghostface.
  • A reporter (other than Gale) gets a real line.
  • Whenever someone uses the telephone as a weapon.
  • For each suspect red herring (Principal with the mask, etc...)
  • If you see Wes Craven's cameo appearance.
  • If you see Linda Blair's cameo appearance.
  • When "Red Right Hand" (by Nick Cave) is played.
  • Cotton Weary (Liev Schrieber) makes an appearance.