Secret Life Of American Teenager

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Drink Once

  • Ben has got into an argument during the show
  • Amy and Ricky have talked about their wedding
  • Someone said the word "sex"
  • Amys mom has gotten mad at someone
  • Amy yelled at someone
  • They showed Amy and Rickys son, John
  • Amys dad has tried to justify his situation
  • Somebody said the word "gay"
  • Amys friend's Lauren and Madison are talking shit about her
  • Amys little sister Ashley is being a bitch
  • Adrienne kissed someone

Drink Twice

  • Ben and his new girlfriend Dylan haven't seen each other once in the episode
  • Amy and Ricky kiss
  • Madison doesn't smile for an entire scene
  • Amys in a good mood for an entire scene
  • Amys mom is in a good mood for an entire scene
  • John says one word
  • Someone has sex
  • Ashley smiles
  • Bens dad doesn't talk about something that has to do with monry for an ebtire scene
  • Bens dad has mentioned "Betty" or "Camile"
  • Tom makes someone in the show feel stupid

Finish your drink

  • John says more than one word
  • Amy and Ricky make more wedding plans
  • Grace kisses another girl
  • Jack doesn't talk about sex for a whole scene
  • When Jack and Grace have a scene together, the word "sex" is never mentioned
  • Jack and Grace have sex
  • Adrienne kisses another girl
  • Adriennes mom is in an episode
  • Amy doesn't complain for the first half hour of the show
  • No one says the word "sex" the entire first half of the show
  • You can quote the entire PSA about the sex talk eith your parents that comes on during the commercials without practicing
  • You correctly guess the character who will be in the first PSA about the sex talk with your parents