Secret of NIMH Drinking Game

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Requirements And Starting

  • A copy of Don Bluth's animated film, The Secret of NIMH.
  • An ample supply of your favorite beverage.
  • A Gamemaster. (Someone who knows the movie pretty well and has a decent tolerance for alcohol to call the game.)
  • A Bartender. (Self explanatory.)

The game begins when the United Artists logo disappears from the screen. The object of the game is to consume the most alcohol (and remain conscious) as per the rules. Watch the movie and as each event occurs, the gamemaster will refer to the rules and announce the correct response. Although most of the rules are wide open to any interpretation, the gamemaster's word is law. The game ends when either the movie does, the gamemaster passes out, or when none of the players can operate (or find) the VCR anymore.

The Rules

  • Take a drink whenever:
  • You see the cat.
  • Technology fails.
  • Mrs. Brisby whines. (If she whines about Jonathan being dead, finish your glass and pour yourself another.)
  • Martin is a brat.
  • Someone blatantly flirts with someone else.
  • Someone dead is mentioned. (If they are referred to by their full name, take two drinks.)
  • Jeremy sneezes.
  • Someone gets stabbed.
  • Someone tries to kill any member of the Brisby family.
  • Someone says 'sparkly'.
  • Someone repeats something someone else just said.
  • You misquote the movie.
  • Finish your drink and quit if you find yourself talking to the screen.

Tickle the people around you whenever:

  • Someone states the obvious.
  • Someone says 'NIMH'.

Response rules:

  • Say 'Let's screw!' after all of Justin's lines.
  • Whoever makes the reference to "She-Ra" at the appropriate time is entitled to a drink from the person on their immediate right.

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