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One Drink

  • Kramer bursts into Jerry's apartment
  • Jerry raises his voice
  • George raises his voice
  • Jerry says "Hello Newman" or simply "Newman"
  • Newman says "Hello Jerry"
  • George talks about breaking up with a girl
    • Twice if he actually does it
  • Kramer falls down
  • George is fired or mentions unemployment
  • Scene change music, you know the one
  • Kramer has a plan
  • Jerry or George's parents are shown for the first time in an episode
  • Elaine pushes someone
  • A black person appears on the show (this isn't racist, you just don't see them on the show
  • Whenever someone asks for a ride or to share the cab

Two Drinks

  • George is surprised at how Jerry asks out someone
  • Elaine starts dating/breaks up with Puddy
  • Kenny Banya is mentioned

If you find the hidden image of Superman... You must point it out and everyone except you must finish their drink off on the spot.