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Drink Once If

  • Clark uses superspeed or x-ray vision
  • Clark saves Lana
  • Lex says something deep
  • Clark saves Chloe
  • Someone says kryptonite
  • Clark is wearing flannel
  • Anyone is in Lex's Study
  • If someone cries
  • One of the girls gets knocked unconscious
  • Someone gets taken to a hospital
  • Clark looks conflicted

Drink Twice If

  • Clark accuses Lex of something
  • There is an explosion
  • Anyone mentions Krypton
  • Someone is kidnapped
  • A different kind of kryptonite is used
  • Someone says Kal-El or Jor-El
  • Someone says Smallville

Drink Three Times If

  • They introduce a new hero
  • Someone actually dies

Drink A Keg If

  • They ever mention Pete again (you know Clark's best friend in the first couple seasons)

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