Star Trek Voyager

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General overview

Star Trek Voyager is probably the Star Trek show that used the most stereotypes and Applied Phlebotinum to twist the plot in the last 5 minutes and hits the reset button at least once per episode. Nevertheless, once you are drunk enough, it still can be fun. This drinking game tries to achieve just that: To get you drunk in the shortest time possible.

  • Chose a character of the main cast (The Captain, Chakotay, Tuvok, Paris, Kim, The Doctor, Seven, Kes, Neelix, B'Elanna)
  • Watch out for your drinking opportunities
  • ???
  • Profit!

Drinks for everyone

  • The ship gets it's ass kicked by the aliens of the week
  • Some magical plot device solves the situation
  • First contact does not go bad
  • The Borg appear
  • They investigate some nebula or other stellar phenomen
  • Q appears
  • Anytime a nonrecurring crewman is important for the story
  • A crewman gets killed
  • Voyager fires a photon torpedo
  • Everytime they do something that is thought of as impossible
  • Everytime they miss an opportunity to go home
  • The show has to point out that they are in the 24th century

A drink for you when your character

  • Has a character building episode
  • Is on an away mission
  • Solves the problem of the week

Drink yourself senseless when

  • You watch Threshold
  • Any episode involving Fair Haven

The Captain (aka I kill people for fun)

One drink if:

  • She places her hands on her hips
  • She invokes the prime directive
  • She is so gullible that aliens take advantage of her and/or her crew
  • She knows more about engineering than her chief engineer

Chakotay (aka Look, I'm american indian!)

One drink if:

  • He does something stereotypical native american
  • He crashes a shuttle
  • He disagrees with the Captain
  • He acts againt the captains orders

Tuvok (aka Your logic is flawed)

One drink if:

  • He does something vulcan (mind meld, nerve pinch)
  • He is called to secure something
  • He annoys everyone with his vulcan logical mind

Paris (aka I can fly!)

One drink if:

  • He plays Captain Proton on the holodeck
  • He pilots a shuttle
  • Someone (including himself) refers to him as "their best pilot"
  • Does a job besides being a pilot or nurse

Kim (aka Why do I have to die again?)

One drink if:

  • He gets killed
  • He falls in love with the wrong person (holodeck character, alien, seven)
  • He actually has sex

Neelix (aka Look at me, I'm annoying)

One drink if:

  • He runs to the captain with something unimportant
  • He is jealous of someone because of their relationship with Kes
  • He claims to have expertise in something only to show later that he knows nothing about the subject
  • Does something for moral
  • He tries to make Tuvok feel good, but actually annoys him
  • He mentions, that his planet has been destroyed

Kes (aka Yes, I'm mental)

One drink if:

  • She uses her mental powers
  • Her unusually short lifespan is mentioned

The Doctor (aka I'm a doctor, not...)

One drink if:

  • He invents a new treatment for the medical problem of the week
  • He is malfunctioning
  • He uses his mobile emitter

Seven (aka Irrelevant)

One drink if:

  • She does not understand some human behaviour
  • Her borg implants are important to the story, for example if they cause a problem or help her to achieve something

B'Elanna (aka Leave me alone, Starfleet)

One drink if:

  • She risks her life to fix something in engineering
  • She calls Kim Starfleet