Tapestries MUCK Drama Drinking Game

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This is a gently ribbing yet fun commentary upon how furs can get on TapestriesMUCK at times.

For drinking games to try on Furry Forums or Furry art sites, try our Furry Drinking Games page or out Furry Fandom Drama Drinking Game.

One shot

  • Everytime someone misspells a simple, common word such as "father" or "weight," take a shot.
  • Everytime the main characters in the drama flame the wizards on the Tapestries forum
  • Everytime someone turns to insulting someone's grammar, spelling or punctuation due to being beaten thoroughly
  • Take one shot for each LiveJournal post the drama on Taps creates. (ie: 1 Post=1 shot, 2 posts=2 shots, etc.)
  • Everytime a character gets toaded for breaking the species or copyright rules
  • Everytime someone starts logging in ALTS to join in on an arguement, take a shot for each ALT that is obviously the same character.
  • Everytime someone complains about another disconnecting during a scene
  • Everytime you see a post advertising an illegal building area
  • Everytime you see a scene in public areas
  • Take an additional shot for every character over two characters the pubic scene involves.
  • Everytime you see a description that emphasizes genitalia or breasts
  • Everytime you see someone complain in public about how no one is paying attention to them.

Take Two Shots

  • if the mispelled word is their home state and/or country.
  • if their spelling/grammar/punctuation is equally atrocious as the one they're insulting.
  • Everytime someone says "Hey, did you hear about <Insert latest furry drama and/or fur having problems>?"
  • Everytime a drama erupts in the Plaza
  • Everytime someone screams about the wizards being nazis or doing something underhandedly
  • if they say "I don't care if this gets me @toaded."
  • if they say "you guys need lives."
  • if they ask/demand/beg for the drama to be taken down.
  • if they threaten to DDoS the MUCK's server.
  • if they get all their friends to join their side.
  • Everytime the instigator of the drama claims that it was all an attempt to "piss people off" or "bait idiots" after he/she was shown to be a complete and utter jackass
  • if the first fur to start the drama deletes their original post and starts saying they just want peace.
  • Everytime someone threatens to leave Taps and never come back
  • if they DO leave, only to log back on within a week.
  • if someone who was banned makes a new or Alternate character just to get back on the muck and complain about it.
  • if the ALT says it is the original fur's boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • if the person disconnects right after the climax.
  • if an advertising post causes the fur's building bit to be revoked.
  • if it's an NC scene, scat/watersports, involves cubs, or is anything else non Vanilla being done in public.
  • if characters complain that the poses are either under two sentences or over 500 words.
  • if they've only been in the room for 10 minutes and are complaining about being ignored

Three Shots

  • if they say any of the two-shot insults/threats yet still continue to reply to posts directed at them.
  • Everytime someone acts excited that they've started drama on Taps
  • Take 3 shots if the fur then starts complaining about having their building bit revoked
  • Take 3 shots if someone requests a scene happens in a private room, and they get yelled at.
  • Take 3 shots if this is the first thing they've said and they're complaining they're being ignored

Four Shots

  • Take 4 shots if they threaten to start their own MUCK.

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