That Seventies Show

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Option 1

One Drink

  • Fez is Awkward, confused, or misuses a word
  • Hyde is sarcastic
  • Eric is a smart ass
  • Kelso is an Idiot
  • Jackie is a bitch or pushy
  • Red says ass
  • Kitty is kinda slutty or is overbearing

Two Drinks

  • Donna and Eric have a moment
  • They have daydreams or hypothetical situations
  • Awkward Transitions
  • Anyone gets kissed

Shot or triple drink

  • Circle!
  • Anyone Gets a girlfriend (double down for Fez)
  • Hyde discusses conspiracies
  • Sex happens (double down for Fez or Eric)

Hard Mode

  • Laugh Track

Super Hard Mode

  • Any audience noise

Option 2

Drink once

  • when they're in Eric's basement
  • when Kelso says he's gonna break up with Jackie
  • when they steal beer
  • when there's the laughing sound effect
  • when Red gets mad at Eric

Drink twic

  • when there's a flower transition
  • when Hyde tries to make a move on Jackie
  • when someone says it's cold

Chug the whole thing

  • when they're in a car but it's not Eric's car